Ringbinders & Folders

Set your brand apart with a customised ringbinder / folder.

Whether you’re looking for a printed binder or an interchangeable sleeve – we’re ready to help you produce a custom designed ringbinder / folder that you will be proud of.

Product Features

  • Standard sizes available or custom sizes can be made.
  • A range of colours are available.
  • Various print options.
  • A variety of ring metals available.
  • Pockets can be added to allow for business cards
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Vinyl Ringbinders
    • As well as screen and digital printable, Vinyl ringbinders can be foil stamped,
    • Embossed or inserts can be encapsulated
    • Pocket options also available for business cards etc.
  • Polypropylene Ringbinders
    • Made from durable material.
    • A range of thicknesses and colours.
    • Screen or digital print options.

Common Uses

Catalogue / Brochure storage or display, price lists, Hotel compendiums, Legal Documents, Conference folders, school folders


Artwork for printing either supplied by the customer or designed by our team.

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